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Trans Fats In our Food Supply?

In the 1860s butter was in great demand and there wasn't enough to satisfy everybody. Emperor Louis Napoleon III offered a award for a substitute ... and so, the 1st margarine was formulated by a French chemist. It was created from clarified beef fat.
It was until 40 years later that the formula of hydrogenation was devised and the match  to deadly trans fats began. Butter rationing during 1st and 2nd world war and the lower cost of margarine made more and more people to switch to this butter substitute made from cheesy vegetable fats.
When vegetable oils are hydrogenated their molecules are chemically re-arranged. This produces a fat known as trans fat that becomes semi-hard at room temperature. Basically, trans fats mimics the saturated fats that our taste buds loves. We are naturally drawn to the taste and the consistency.
The semi-solid trans fats are great for baking and not expensive like butter or lard. This is a big asset for food processors which is the reason why trans fats are found in most baked foods as well as fried foods. While this cheap alternative to butter is a boon for the food makers it is a dangerous bust for consumers. In the US alone, an estimated 100,000 people die prematurely every year due to the use of trans fats.

So What's so Bad About Trans Fats?

Trans fats have a very bad effect on your cholesterol levels. They drive up your levels of "bad" LDL cholesterol at the same time lowering your levels of heart-protective HDL cholesterol. Trans fats' overall effect on your cholesterol levels is twice as bad as the effect of saturated fats Recently, trans fats have also come under fire for damaging the lining of your arteries. It is this damage that leads to hardening of the arteries and higher blood pressure. The linings of your arteries play a very important role in controlling blood pressure. When these vital linings become damaged, their function is impaired resulting in high blood pressure.

How Can You Avoid Trans Fats?

Although trans fats were first used in margarine most margarines have removed this deadly fat. But, they are still found in many baked foods and fried foods. In fact, because of their low cost and convenience trans fats keep foods from spoiling hydrogenated oils are being used even more.
Keep clear of donuts, French fries, pastries, fast foods even the seemingly healthy granola bar often contains this dangerous fat. Check labels carefully avoid any food that contains hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Finally, a Little Help from the FDA

Fortunately, it is starting to get easier to find these dangerous trans fats and avoid them. As of January 2006, the FDA is requiring food makers to list the trans fat content on the Nutrition Facts label found on all products.
Even a small amount of trans fats in your diet is bad for your heart health. Switch over to healthier fats today. Not all fats are bad for you. In fact, some fats will even help you lower your blood pressure. Olive oil, nuts, and fatty fish will give your body a good dose of healthy fats. Get cash from your website. Sign up as affiliate.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Diabetes and breast feeding

Babes and women may be secure against acquiring diabetes disease by breast feeding, according to new research. This current study states that the longer women breastfed, the lower their risks of developing diabetes.

Diabetes as a medical trouble characterised by changing or persistent advanced blood glucose levels, particularly due to eating, is a severe disease which symptoms are similar to all types of diabetes.

Breast feeding is when a adult female or woman feeds a baby or a young child with milk produced from her breasts. The best method of feeding a baby is breast milk, as experts say, that is if the mother does not have transmissible infections.

Though analysis are not conclusive, researchers explain that breast-feeding could change metabolism of female parent* which may help keep blood sugar levels stable and make the body more sensitive to the blood sugar-regulating hormone insulin.

This hypothesis is based on some evidence that show that in rats and humans blood sugar level is low when breast feeding than when not.

According to the study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, women who breast-fed for at least one year were about 15 per cent less likely to develop diabetes type 2 than those who never breast-fed. For each additional year of breast-feeding, there was an additional 15 per cent decreased risk.

A total of 157,000 nurses participated in the new study. They answered periodic health questionnaires and were followed for at least 12 years. During the study, 6,277 participants developed type 2 diabetes.

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Mint Cosmetics: New, Revolutioninary, Teeth Whitening

Mint Cosmetics is a premium home teeth whitening kit which contains 6% Hydrogen Peroxide – a teeth whitening gel which is 400% fast acting than the Carbamide Peroxide based competition.

Unlike other competitor products which contain Carbamide Peroxide which releases approximately 50% peroxide in the first 2 to 4 hours and the remainder over the next 2 to 6 hours, Mint Cosmetics Hydrogen Peroxide gel breaks down almost immediately, releasing its peroxides entirely within the first hour.

The result: Mint Cosmetics produces visible teeth whitening results up to 400% faster than its Carbamide Peroxide counterparts.

Put simply, using Mint Cosmetics for 30 minutes, compared to using a competitor Carbamide Peroxide gel will always leave you with a fuller, whitening smile!

Each Mint Cosmetics pack priced at £59.99 (approximately $94) offers one of the most pliable sets of whitening trays available on the market (due to its specifically thinner design), mouth guard to store you whitening trays in, 4 x 3ml Hydrogen Peroxide gel dispensers giving you 48 applications, instructional booklet, DVD and 28 day money back guarantee. Mint Cosmetics

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Meratol is a brand new weight loss pill which has been made to pharmaceutical standards, this 4 way acting product has been designed to achieve the following:
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- Reduce calorie intake
- Block carbohydrates
- Speed up the metabolism
- Burn more calories

Produced by the same company who are behind other clinically proven brands like Capsiplex and C-plex60, there is no wonder why this brand is suggested to be the number one selling weight loss product for 2011.

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Weight lost: Introduction to weight lost

Weight lost: Introduction to weight lost: "INTRODUCTION Weight is becoming a global problem in the sense that people are now becoming over weight due to several factor, though t..."

Introduction to weight lost


Weight is becoming a global problem
in the sense that people are now becoming over weight due to several factor, 
though there are people that are naturally heavy who tend to grow fat no matter what they eat, 
but most people are now growing fat due to too much comfort, east and good living or improved living standard, 
while some grow fat due to eating so much junk food, 
which is because they either don't have time to cook or can't afford the restaurant, 
thereby making snacks and soft drinks the order of the day. 
Now how can this problem be combated, 
there are so many answers to that question, 
depending on someones time and money, 
for those who have time exercise and drinking of much water can do the trick, 
but those that don't have time drugs is the best options, 
which am going to introduce you to some clinically tested drugs that have done it so many people and can do it for you if you are willing, this is a sample of a guy that have used one of this drugs                             Proactol before